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Stay Cool This Summer With Ayurveda !

Days that only have sun, sun and more sun can sap the energy right out of you! It is called the season of ‘Pitta’ in Ayurveda. Pitta is a blend of Water and Fire element, which keeps you stay joyful, vital and focused when it is in balance. You may feel overheated physically or mentally when Pitta is aggravated. So, what can you do to stay cool when the heat starts getting unbearable? According to Ayurveda, the best way to beat the heat outside is to find ways to cool down inside- physically, mentally and emotionally. There are multiple ancient wisdoms you can adopt to keep yourself cool this summer:

Engage in ‘Moon baths’:

Sunbathing is something that is heard of, but how many times have you heard of ‘moon-bathing’? The Moon’s cooling light can do wonders to balance the Pitta dosha, especially when the moon’s energy is filled with love, creativity and lots of positive energy.

Savor Cooling Beverages:

The first thing that comes into our minds are ‘soft drinks’. These drinks are filled with carbonated water and a lot of caffeine that will ultimately ruin your digestion. Opt for sweet fruit juices (aam wanna, bel ka sharbat, lassi, grape juice, watermelon juice and coconut water) or a light blend of yogurt with cold water, etc. Do not forget to drink lots of water to replenish your body.

‘Pitta-Pacifying’ Diet:

You can increase the intake of fruits and vegetables that are sweet or bitter to taste, rather than the sour or salty tasting foods. Sweet taste (earth and water elements) is calming, cooling and grounding and bitter taste (air and ether elements) is cooling. For example, pears, broccoli, cucumbers, etc. are excellent choices whereas sour cream and other spicy dishes aren’t the best options for this season.

Don’t Overexpose Yourself to the Sun:

Try to get active in the cool parts of the day (early morning or evening). Keep a balance in your physical activities, don’t overdo it! Apply essential oils or cooling aromas such as rose or sandalwood. Wear silk or cotton clothes.

Cooling Breathing Techniques:

If you experience any signs that your body is overheating, you can practice cooling pranayamas. Try breathing through your left nostril, it corresponds to the ida nadi, which further corresponds to the cooling moon, which will help you in giving a cooling sensation and has a calming effect.

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