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Mukha Lepam (Ayurvedic Facial)

Mukha Lepam is the basically Ayurvedic Facial which refers to application of a Ayurvedic Facial mask consisting of various herbal pastes that have beneficial effects on skin.

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What to expect

Mukha Lepam is a Ayurvedic face treatment which includes a face massage, rice scrub and application of turmeric and Ayurvedic face pack.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Facial (Mukha Lepam)

It detoxifies and nourishes the skin. It is indicated in management of skin conditions. Also Ayurveda Beauty Treatments

How it works

It improves circulation and exfoliation.

Not recommended (contraindicated) in case of

Skin infection or Acne.

Mukh Lepan

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Ayurvedic Tips For Improving Facial Skin Complexion Glow

The face is one of the most expressive, beautiful, and expensive part of the human skin. A well done self portrait can cost thousands of dollars. But did you know this makes taking care of your skin even more important? Ayurvedic facial is a more naturalistic way to caring for your skin. It is an ancient comprehensive healing system that is goes far beyond being all natural. Ayurveda is well known for it’s three characteristics; Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. All three of these stand for a particular part of a person, and can be used to heal your face.

  1. Vata : Vata is the reflection of elements of space and air. A vata type person is quick thinking, thin, and fast moving. People who are a Vata type may have rough, dry, or cracked skin which means treating their skin can be difficult. The best way to fix this is to avoid anything that can imbalance them. The ways Vata get imbalanced is
    1. 1. Eating aggravating foods
    2. 2. Eating while anxious or depressed
    3. 3. Eating on the run
    4. 4. Drinking Alcohol, coffee, and black tea
    5. 5. Smoking cigarettes
    6. 6. Following an irregular daily routine
    7. 7. Going to bed late at night
    Surprisingly, If a person avoids these things their skin will begin to glow in response. Naturally, these are all easy to change.
  2. Pitta : Pitta covers the reflection of fire and water.  A pitta will have oily skin, and a fiery personality. Pitta’s tend to overheat ( sunburn), and may have extreme anger issues. The best way to fix a pitta’s skin is by avoiding these imbalanced things ;
    1. 1. Aggravating food
    2. 2. Eating while angry
    3. 3. Overworking
    4. 4. Being overly competitive
    5. 5. Drinking Alcohol, coffee, and black tea
    6. 6. Smoking cigarettes
    Pitta’s are more of the aggressive type as you can see. By avoiding these you can simply change the aggravation on your skin.
  3. Kapha : Kapha covers the reflection of water and Earth. They are probably the most balanced type between the three. Their very calm tempered, and have a solid body frame. The skin will easily dry, or may get overly wet naturally.( excessive sweating) The best way to fix a Kapha skin is by avoiding these imbalanced things;
    1. 1. Aggravating foods
    2. 2. Overheating
    3. 3. Eating to offset emotions
    4. 4. Spending too much time in damp, cold environments
    5. 5. Not engaging in physical activity
    6. 6. Spending most of one’s time indoors
    7. 7. Avoiding intellectual challenges
Before going for going for a Ayurvedic Facial Be sure to research these three types to uncover which one you belong to before delving in for a treatment because places change treatments depending on your characteristics type.

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