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Ayurvedic Doctors In Mumbai

NuAyurveda is a pan India chain of Ayurvedic clinics with the most qualified Ayurvedic doctors working at the clinics. The doctors at our clinics are selected after a three stage screening – written test, case study based technical assessment and an interview conducted by our CEO personally.

Our Ayurvedic doctors continue their learning & training after joining us by interacting with our senior panel of doctors. Case studies are shared between different clinics to learn from the experiences of other doctors in the network.

List of qualified BAMS Ayurvedic Doctors in Mumbai:

Dr. Sruthi A

Year of Experience: 3 Yrs
Qualification: BAMS, CRAV
Location: Andheri Shopper Stop

Dr. Sreedevi

Year of Experience: 2 Yrs
Qualification: BAMS
Location: Andheri -Lokhandwal

Dr. Snehal Mestry

Qualification: BAMS
Location: Chembur

Dr. Smitha Pulsay

Year of Experience: 14 Years
Qualification: BAMS
Location: Kandivali East

Dr. Noorsultan Surani

Year of Experience: 9 Years
Qualification: BAMS
Location: Kandivali West

Dr. Afzal

Location: Mumbai


“Ayurvedic doctors at NuAyurveda clinic can cure any disease and improve the quality of life. Therapists and staff are trained and friendly. I joined for the Weight Loss programme and lost 6 kgs and 12 inches and feeling young again. I would recommend this to all. Any age is a good age to come to NuAyurveda, anytime is a good time to come here.”
– Mr Deepak Sharma

“I was suffering from foot and ankle pain. I have treated with many allopathic doctors But it didn’t give me any relief. Then I got the knowledge of nuAyurveda clinic , from my daughter who had already done treatments there. So i came from Panjab and stayed in my daughter’s house and met doctor in nuAyurveda. He thoroughly examined me and after assessing my body characteristics he suggested 21 days of treatment for me.
I started treatment and medicines, Dr started my treatment with Podi Khizhi 3 days and Dhara (Dhanyamala ) for 7 days after 3 days I got some decrease in pain but after complete treatment  in 10 days,  i can now walk freely, and no pain when I wake up from bed.

I completed 10 days of treatment after which doctor prescribed the medicines for 2 months I took Medicines exactly as the doctor told me. After 2 months I called him back to inform him that I was completely relieved and there is no pain and recurrence.”
– Mr Harveer Singh- 52 Years (Gouty Arthritis)

Case Study

Haresh Shah, 28 years old, had acute swelling in left knee and severe pain in ankles and other joints of the body. He was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and was taking medication with little relief. His relatives who had benefited from NuAyurveda treatments advised him to meet the doctor at NuAyurveda Clinic.

He was put on a diet regimen, Ayurveda medicines and treatments like Kizhi. He Says – “Within few days the swelling and pain reduced. Previously I was not able to walk due to pain and now I feel much better and am able to lead a normal life. Personal attention of the Dr and regular feedback helped me in getting relief from pain in a short span of time. Apart from Pain Management, I have full body & mind rejuvenation and Detoxification. The technicians are well trained. I thank NuAyurveda team for a wonderful experience.”

Mr Tejinder was diagnosed with Psoriasis 5 years ago and had multiple consultations with various allopathy and homeopathy doctors. While browsing through internet he came across NuAyurveda and approached the doctor seeking a permanent solution for his problems.

Mr.Singh says “I was literally fed up with allopathic medication and steroids. When I was under NuAyurveda treatment, I got complete relief from itching and scaling. I also feel rejuvenated both physically and mentally .At NuAyurveda I underwent Nadi Pariksha and Prakriti Analysis I was explained how my lifestyle and dietary factors were worsening the conditions and changing the balance of my Doshas. The Doctor then explained to me how these conditions can be reversed and prominent role played by Panchakarma and Oral medications leads to normalizing the skin conditions.”

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Free Consultation with Ayurvedic Doctor - Find out your Prakriti and get a Nadi Pariksha done complimentary.

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