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Terms and Conditions

Following are the terms and conditions of your prepaid treatment programme.

  1. The mobile number that you have shared with us will be used to register your prepaid programme with us. Any change in mobile number is to be informed to us with a signed letter or by email on [email protected]
  2. You are required to share the OTP (one time password) at the clinic reception to avail your therapy at the time of your appointment. Each time you take a treatment your account will be debited with the discounted price of the treatment and the new balance will be shown in your receipt.
  3. Your prepaid plan can also be utilised by up to 4 members of your family who will have to be pre-registered with us along with photocopy of identity proof and phone number.
  4. Your prepaid plan is valid till the validity date or till your account balance becomes nil, whichever is earlier. The balance may be carried forward by renewing the Prepaid Account before it expires. But in case of non- renewal the balance in your account will be forfeited after 10 days of your package expiry.
  5. In case of any refunds,
    A) Kindly write us on [email protected] from the registered email id explaining the reason and circumstances seeking a refund.
    B) All services consumed till date under this membership would be charged on MRP and the balance (if any) shall be refunded to the registered member by a wire transfer within 45 working days.
    C) Refunds are only available on active prepaid cards, lapsed/ extended programmes are not eligible for refund of any sort.
  6. Your programme also allows you to utilise your balances to purchase retail medicines or products for home use that are dispensed from the clinic and at MRP. Discounts are not applicable on medicines, equipment, accessories, aids, etc.
  7. Reselling of your programme or its associated discounts is not permitted.
  8. In the event of insufficient balance in your account the discount would be applicable only on the balance.
  9. Menu, Modality and Prices of therapies and the membership are subject to change without prior intimation. Please refer to the copy of menu at the clinic for the latest prices.
  10. Gift vouchers cannot be purchased using your prepaid programme.
  11. Membership discount cannot be clubbed with any other discount or offers.
  12. Clinic rules and regulations apply and the Drs/ Management`s decision is final.
  13. The membership does not guarantee any relief in any health condition to any extent.
  14. Clinic management reserves the right to keep/stop/transfer clinic locations at any time without prior information. The balance in membership will then be transferred to nearest clinic or any other clinic as decided by the clinic management.
  15. Appointments are subject to availability of therapists and rooms and are provided on a first-come first-served basis; since availability status changes frequently based on cancellations or additional bookings, management reserves the right to provide your preferred slot or suggest an alternative slot based on your next best preference.
  16. All appointments are subject to the cancellation policy which is as follows
    a) Cancellation prior to 4 hours of the therapy booked time : No cancellation fee will be charged.
    b) Cancellation between 120 to 240 minutes of the therapy booked time: 50% of the therapy cost will be deducted from the prepaid balance.
    c) Cancellation in less than 120 minutes of the therapy booked time: 100% of the therapy cost will be deducted from the prepaid balance.
  17. Renewal of your prepaid programme can be done before or within ten days of expiry of your membership or exhaustion of balance. However to renew your programme, the complete up-front payment required for each plan needs to be made.

Should you need any help at the clinic please feel free to talk to our team. For detailed suggestions, complaints or business proposals you could also write to us at [email protected]. We will be happy to assist you.

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