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Navara Mukha Lepam

Navara Mukha Lepam is a complete process of skin rejuvenation that includes, steaming, scrubbing, massage and application of mask. It takes its name for a variety of special rice used for this therapy.

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What to expect

Navara Mukha Lepam includes a scrub, steam and face massage with Navara rice.

Benefits of Navara Mukha Lepam

Navara Mukha Lepam prevents sagging of skin, removes facial toxins and retains overall youth and vitality of the facial tissues.

Navara Mukh Lepam

How it works

The fine rice used for scrubbing exfoliates the skin and facilitate removal of dead skin.The massage procedure improves blood circulation and the herbal mask absorbs excess oil to make the skin glow and appear youthful.

Not recommended (contraindicated) in case of

Skin infections or Acne.

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