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Upanaham involves application of medicinal paste over body part that has swelling and pain. The applied paste is then covered with leaves of some herbs that have medicinal value in Pain Management.

Upanaham is indicated in following health conditions

  • Pain Management
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What to expect

In Upanaham medicinal paste is applied over the affected area and covered with medicinal leaves for a specific amount of time as per your body’s requirement.

Benefits of Upanaham

It helps to relieve pain and swelling by nourishing the tissues. It is very effective in management of pain conditions such as osteoarthritis, joint injuries and localised pain and swelling.

How it works

It improves circulation, initiates healing and strengthens the musculature.

Not recommended (contraindicated) in case of

Skin allergies.

Upanaham is used in management of following conditions at NuAyurveda Clinic

Pain Management

Upanaham Ayurvedic treatment is mainly indicated in relieving pain arising from conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, swelling, etc.

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