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Gift Vouchers FAQs

1. What is a gift voucher (coupon)?

NuAyurveda Clinic vouchers are similar to the vouchers which we buy at lifestyle stores or book stores. You can buy them either online or buy visiting any of our clinic. Vouchers are normally made for a specific value and will have the name of the person who is sending it as well as the person who is receiving it. The recipient can use the voucher to avail any services worth the amount at our clinic.


2. Who can I gift a gift voucher (coupon) to?

They can be gifted to your friends or family. Whether it’s their birthday, anniversary or any other occasion where you would like to make them feel special. vouchers are the perfect way to gift good health and some pampering to your dear ones.


3. Where can the gift voucher (coupon) be redeemed?

They can be redeemed at any of our clinic. Currently we have spas in Mumbai (8), Delhi (2), Gurgaon (1), Bangalore (8), Pune (10)


4.What is the process of gift voucher (coupon) purchase & redemption?

The process is very simple. You select the amount of vouchers you would like to gift, enter your and recipients details and make the payment. Once we receive the payment we email the voucher to the recipient with a cc of the email to you.


5. I would like to personally email / present the voucher to the recipient. Is this possible?

Sure. In the box which asks you for “Email of Recipient” please enter your own email id and instead of sending the voucher to the recipient we will send the voucher only to you. You can then email the voucher personally or take a print of the voucher and present it in person. Please do enter the correct name of the recipient, since that would be printed on the voucher.


6. Why an email voucher? Isn’t a physical voucher a better idea?

An email voucher has several advantages compared to a physical gift voucher. Email vouchers never get lost or delayed in courier. They reach much faster and can never be “lost” since a copy is always available in the email.


7. What amount gift voucher (coupon) should I gift?

It’s really up-to you. Please refer our menu to know more about our services and their prices. Our full body massages (60 mins) and holistic packages make for the most popular gifting options.

Our membership also make for wonderful gifts for year long good health.


8. How does the gift voucher (coupon) look like?

Please see the image of our gift voucher below.


9. How soon will the spa gift voucher (coupon) be sent?

Vouchers are sent within 48 hours of placing the order.


10. Can you deliver a physical voucher instead of an email voucher?

We are unable to deliver physical vouchers currently. If you would like to purchase a physical voucher, please visit any of our clinic to buy them.


11. What is the validity date for the gift voucher (coupon)?

3 months from the date of purchase.


12. I am in a hurry, I missed an important date and I need the gift voucher (coupon) in the next 1 hour, is it possible?

We will try our best. Please drop us a mail at [email protected] and we will let you know how soon we can deliver the email voucher for you.


13. Is your payment gateway secure? Can I trust you with my credit card details?

All our online payments are processed through Paytm (for Rupee payments) which are secure websites. We do not store any credit card information on our website.


14. I still have a query, who do I contact?

Please call up any of our spas if you would like to speak to someone, or drop us a mail at [email protected]

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