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Ayurvedic Doctors In Delhi & Gurgaon

NuAyurveda is a pan India chain of Ayurvedic clinics with the most qualified Ayurvedic doctors working at the clinics. The doctors at our clinics are selected after a three stage screening – written test, case study based technical assessment and an interview conducted by our CEO personally.

Our Ayurvedic doctors continue their learning & training after joining us by interacting with our senior panel of doctors. Case studies are shared between different clinics to learn from the experiences of other doctors in the network.

List of qualified BAMS Ayurvedic Doctors in Delhi & Gurgaon:

Dr. Ankit Sharma

Year of Experience: 5 Yrs
Qualification: BAMS MS
Location: Delhi NCR

Dr. Amrutha VK

Qualification: BAMS
Location: Shivalik

Dr. Harsh

Qualification: BAMS MD
Location: Gurgaon


“I was suffering from low back ache for a long time. I consulted with many doctors without much relief from my pain, I was very much in discomfort and pain, then I knew about Ayurvedic doctors at NuAyurveda from my friend.

I went there and consulted the doctor. He thoroughly examined me and assessed my body characteristic then he suggested me treatments and explained me how each steps in treatment will act on my body. I followed the treatment Panchkarma treatment Virechanam & Basti and followed by Khizhi for total 15days and medicines as advised.

In the initial 7 days itself I got 50% relief in pain. I go through each and every steps as advised and after the second kashaya Basti I felt completely pain free. Even now I’m Painless and have a better quality of life without medicine. I will maintain this condition by following the advise given by the doctor.”

– Ms Arti Gupte, 42 Years (Lumbar Spondolysis)

Case Study

Mr. Raj Mehta, aged 50 years and weight 140 kgs came for Weight Loss Programme at NuAyurveda clinic. He was suggested Panchkarma therapies-Udvartanam and basti along with Ayurvedic medicines and diet regimen. Within 22 days of therapies and medicines he reduced 7 kgs and around 12 inches from overall body. He felt light and enthusiastic after his treatment.

Mr. Bhavesh Maniar, age 51 years was having acute knee pain and came to NuAyurveda clinic with complain of severe pain and lack of mobility. He was diagnosed with osteoArthritis and was given Ayurvedic medicines and Panchkarma therapies – podikizhi and janubasti with diet regimen. with completion of his treatment, the pain was reduced upto 80% and the patient was able to walk properly.

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Free Consultation with Ayurvedic Doctor - Find out your Prakriti and get a Nadi Pariksha done complimentary.

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