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Ayurvedic Clinic In Pune

Rising levels of pollution in Pune has become a major health concern. Due to limited resources, increasing population and rising pollution, people living in this city report being under too much stress. Stressful lifestyle is a major contributor to some chronic illnesses. Back pain, skin disease, increased weight, hair fall are some of the common consequences of stress and unhealthy lifestyle.

Although conventional medicine appears promising, in most cases it is able to give you only symptomatic or short-term relief. What comes to your rescue is our own Indian Medicinal system that is known since the dawn of human civilization. Ayurveda is the oldest medicinal system known to the world and has some miraculous treatments for several illnesses that cannot be cured with modern medicine.

What Makes NuAyurveda a Holistic Ayurvedic Clinic in Pune?

Free Ayurveda Doctor Consultation at NuAyurveda

NuAyurveda offers modern diagnostics and Ayurvedic treatment under one roof. Since Ayurveda believes in correcting lifestyle factors along with curing the symptoms, it becomes a total holistic care for an individual. At NuAyurveda clinic you get health counselling from our efficient and well qualified Ayurvedic doctors in Pune. Our doctors guide you to make healthy changes in your lifestyle in terms of diet and exercise. Such an approach that considers an individual’s mental and physical health along with lifestyle factors makes NuAyurveda the best holistic Ayurvedic clinic in Pune.

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1st Floor – Varsha Court, Near HDFC Bank, Anand Park Aundh, Pune – 411007 ( Tuesday closed )

: 020-651101539619729103

Bhandarkar Road 

1st Floor – Pradyumna, Lane next to Bank of Baroda Off Bhandarkar Road, Pune – 411004 ( Tuesday closed )

: 020-651101549619739103

Koregaon Park 

1st Floor, Power Point Opp. ‘Murphies’, Above Menchie’s, Pingale Chowk, Lane 6, Koregaon Park, Pune 411001 ( Tuesday closed )

: 020-651101529619521163

Pimpri Chinchwad (Launching Soon)

2nd Floor – Chambers, Above Tanishq, Next to Keys Hotel,Near PCMC Office, Old Mumbai Pune Highway, Pimpri – 411018

3 Reasons Nuayurveda Clinic is the best place for professional Ayurvedic treatment in Pune

1. We have well qualified and highly knowledgeable Ayurvedic doctors in Pune

2. We have a modern and friendly ambience that makes your treatment easier

3. All the ingredients used in our preparation are of high standards

NuAyurveda is present at 4 convenient locations in Pune. Click on the NuAyurveda clinics in Pune closest to you to view the detailed address, direction map and phone number.

Ayurvedic Clinic and Doctors in Aundh   (Closest to Pune University, PariharChowk, Bremen Chowk, Gaikwad Nagar, Sindh Society, National Society and Sangavi)

Ayurvedic Clinic and Doctors in Bhandarkar Road   (Closest to Prabhat Road, JM Road, Law College Road, FTII, National Law School, SenapatiBapat Road, ICC Towers, JW Marriott Hotel and Tilak Road)

Ayurvedic Clinic and Doctors in Koregaon Park  (Closest to Osho International Meditation Centre, ABC Farms, Pune airport, Pune railway station, Kalyani Nagar, Dhole Patil Road, Boat Club Road and Viman Nagar)

Ayurvedic Clinic and Doctors in Pimpri Chinchwad (Launching Soon) (Closest to Nigdi, Pradhikaran, Akurdi, Pimpri MIDC, Bhosari, Dehu Road, Chakan and Talegaon)

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Free Consultation with Ayurvedic Doctor - Find out your Prakriti and get a Nadi Pariksha done complimentary.

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Ayurvedic Clinic in Pune

If you are looking for an Ayurvedic Clinic in Pune then you are in luck, because there are well over 70 options to choose from. So, what is Ayurveda? - Everything in the universe is connected and good health is obtained when your spirit, body and mind are in harmony with the universe. When that harmony is disrupted it leads to sickness and poor health. There are a lot of things that can affect your balance, whether its physical, spiritual or emotional. Whether it is the change of climate, your age and emotions, an injury or birth defects.

You as a person are made up of the five basic elements that are found in the universe: earth, fire, water, air and space.

Those elements from your three energies, or life forces, which are called doshas. They control your body and they are: kapha dosha (water and earth), pitta dosha (fire and water), and vata dosha (space and air).

While everyone has all three doshas, each person inherits a unique mix and one of the doshas will be more dominant. They control different parts of the bodies and your balance of doshas are linked to your chances of getting sick.

Vata Dosha control your mind, breathing, blood flow, heart function and waste functions. There are plenty of things that can disrupt this dosha, which are: grief, poor sleeping habits, eating meals too close together and fear. If it is your main energy then you are more susceptible to anxiety and asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and skin problems, heart disease and disorders of the nervous system.

Pitta Dosha controls digestion, metabolism, appetite hormones and there are plenty of things that can disrupt this particular dosha. Eating sour foods and spicy foods, exhaustion and too much sun. If Pitta Dosha is your main energy then you are more likely to develop heart disease and heartburn after eating, crohn’s disease and high blood pressure, infections and negative emotions.

Kapha Dosha is behind muscle growth, body strength, weight and immune system. Daytime sleeping, eating too much or too much salt, or too many sweets are things that can affect your Kapha Dosha. You are more susceptible to asthma, cancer, diabetes, obesity and frequent nausea.

Ayurvedic training takes at least 5 years, so you should make sure you choose your therapist wisely. You want to meet with someone who is highly skilled and experienced to get the most out of your Ayurvedic treatment.

You will be taken through a list of questions regarding your health, lifestyle, eating and sleeping habits as well as any chronic illnesses that you may suffer from. You will then be given a treatment that has been designed uniquely for you that involves both internal and external treatments. Your external treatment course could be a day, or it could be 7. It depends entirely on your needs.

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