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Ayurvedic Clinic In Delhi

Are you looking for the most professional and affordable Ayurvedic clinic in Delhi? Your search ends right here!

Being a capital city Delhi has seen an increased influx of people coming from different places in search of job or residence. Increased population and lack of infrastructure support creates a critical situation for daily commuting within the city. Stressful lifestyle increases chances of developing chronic lifestyle diseases such as back pain, psoriasis, obesity, etc.

Why should you trust Ayurvedic Treatments offered at NuAyurveda clinic in Delhi

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Ayurveda believes in eliminating the root cause of disease rather than just giving symptomatic relief. Ayurvedic treatments follow holistic approach to manage illnesses and therefore demand lifestyle adjustment. As per Ayurvedic principles our diet, environment, mental health and overall personality plays a major role in our health. So, in order to have good physical health it is also important to manage mental stress, eat a healthy diet and be physically activity.

When you decide to take Ayurvedic therapies at NuAyurveda, you get all the health counselling and guidance needed to make necessary changes in your lifestyle from our qualified doctors.  Our efficient Ayurvedic doctors study your lifestyle and medical history in detail before deciding your treatment regimen. We have well trained therapists who understand your health needs. The Ayurvedic preparations used at our clinics are of highest quality and standards.

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South Delhi Extension 2

South Extension-2, Lower Ground Floor – M-3, Behind Kotak Mahindra Bank, Next to Ritu Kumar, South Ex II, New Delhi – 110049 ( Tuesday closed )

: 01149056131

Malviya Nagar (Shivalik)

B-18, 1st Floor, Next to ICICI Bank, Shivalik Main Road, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi.  ( Tuesday closed )

: 01164304094

Here is why People endorse NuAyurveda as ‘a trusted Ayurvedic clinic in Delhi’

“My acidity problem had made me a very angry and unhappy person. Thanks to the doctors at NuAyuverda, I am able to experience some mental calmness as well as eat good food after my treatment”

Mr. Ajay Juneja, 56

“I had lost confidence due to hair loss. I never thought Ayurvedic oil treatment would be so effective. I am recommending all those who have hair fall problems to try Ayurvedic hair treatment at NuAyurveda

Mrs. Lalita Singh, 43

“If you wish to try weight loss with natural therapies, NuAyurveda clinic in Delhi is the place you can trust”

Ms. Amruta, 34 years

3 Reasons you should trust the Ayurvedic treatments at NuAyurveda in Delhi

1. Our doctors are well qualifies and knowledgeable
2. Our clinics are extremely hygienic with modern ambience
3. All the products are of natural origin and of highest quality

NuAyurveda is present at more than four convenient locations in Delhi. Click on the NuAyurveda clinic in Delhi closest to you to view the detailed address, direction map and phone number.

Ayurvedic Clinic in South Extension (Closest to Behind Kotak Mahindra Bank,Next to Ritu Kumar,South Ex II)

Ayurvedic Clinic in Malviya Nagar (Shivalik) (Closest to Malviya Nagar,Saket,Hauz Khas,Begumpur)

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Free Consultation with Ayurvedic Doctor - Find out your Prakriti and get a Nadi Pariksha done complimentary.

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Best Ayurvedic Treatment Clinics in Delhi

With Ayurveda being one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems its surprising that it has taken this long for the western world to catch on. Your healing is based on the belief that your wellness depends on a balance between mind, body and spirit.If you live in Delhi, or you live elsewhere and you want to receive treatment from extremely experienced and highly trained therapists then you’re in luck, as far as Ayurvedic clinic in Delhi there are over seventy.

What are you hoping to achieve? Ayurvedic treatments have many purposes as there are different types. Whether you want to lose weight, treat paralysis, cure psoriasis or indulge in the relaxing facials to treat acne scars. People that suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, severe constipation, ulcers, celiac disease, gallstones, bronchitis, asthma, hypertension, varicose veins, PMS, menopause, headaches, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, insomnia, depression, allergies, fibromyalgia, hyper thyroidism and hypo thyroidism.

If you suffer from horrific migraines and nothing has worked in shifting them then you should consider booking an appointment with an Ayurvedic therapist.

So which Ayurvedic Clinic in Delhi should you use? The choice is yours, though I would suggest a visit to Trip Advisor might give you a better idea of what customers think of any particular clinic.

You can rest assured, assuming you have chosen a reputable clinic, your therapist will have an in-depth consultation with you regarding your lifestyle, diet, health and any chronic problems that you may suffer from. Your therapist will then create a treatment that is tailored entirely to you to ensure that you get the best of out of the Ayurvedic treatments.

Be prepared to make changes to your diet and lifestyle based on the recommendations from your practitioner, because they will create a diet tailored to your needs as your diet can have a severe impact on your overall health. When your diet is poor it creates toxins in your body that then grow and spread, increasing your weight gain, or causing blemishes, but they can also affect your mind, too. You will be given a diet, a treatment course with natural medications as well as external treatments that include oil applications.

Your therapist will provide you with a daily routine, as well as a routine by season as Ayurveda suggests that you eat with the season as mother nature knows what types of foods people need in varying weathers.

Provided you are fully committed to the process you will see the benefits. There are a variety of packages available, and you can have a one-day program or even a 7-day program. It depends on what your need is, but your Ayurvedic therapist will be able to guide you through your needs and the treatment option that is right for your needs.

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Ayurvedic Clinic in Delhi

Choosing the best Ayurvedic clinic in Delhi may seem easy, but there are plenty of key things you need to factor in before making the plunge to commit. When trying to decide which clinic to choose, take into account the following.

What is ayurvedic ?

Ayurvedic is based on the simple approach to treating underlying issues rather than the illness. This is done in a holistic and all natural form that is the complete opposite of Western medicine. Treatments stem from the basis of being spiritual and connecting with nature in order to rest and naturally relax.

How much does it cost?

This is a major key point. Treatments, flight, room and board are all something that need to be paid for during a visit. Whether you’re traveling from somewhere far such as the United States or somewhere more local like Delhi itself, treatment with room and board should still be budgeted accordingly. If you choose to go to an ayurvedic clinic in Delhi from a far away location, look during an off-season to save up to 50% on flights. This can help take the stress away from spending money, allowing you to enjoy your treatment.

What else is there in the area?

You aren’t confined to a specific spot during treatments, but you should relax. This is why it’s important to look what there is to do in Delhi to get more in touch with the local nature. This could be something like visiting a cultural and historical sight or visiting their most beautiful nature formed attractions. Many people recommend that you should travel and have fun before your treatment, so you’re not so relaxed that you’re exhausted after during exploration.

Make sure to read reviews

Not every place guarantees satisfaction. This is why you should read all reviews online beforehand even the bad in order to come to a conclusion. Their bad reviews may not apply to your situation and therefor you shouldn’t automatically write a clinic off because of this. They could have had a bad time finding the place and it’s important to do in-depth research before spending any money.

Research more about the treatments

In Delhi, treatments can take at least three weeks. It’s important to research the exact treatments you’ll be receiving at a clinic of your choosing to help you better plan for this. Because of the length of the treatments, traveling and having fun beforehand is key so you can unwind and relax before heading back home. If you aren’t comfortable with the treatments, it may not be the best to sign up, as they are quite lengthy.

In conclusion

There are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect Ayruveda clinics and the above four are just a few of them. When researching your travels, take a look at the area, the food, the treatment, and the reviews to ensure you’re going to receive the best treatment possible. A holistic approach is a fantastic approach and should be taken seriously.

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